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Date: May 2004: | WNSO Publication: http://newsletter.wnso.org  | Volume 1, Issue 5

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WNSO Site among Best 51 Websites

According to Nepalnet.net  WNSO website is probably the best source of information for Nepalese students from around the world. The main objective of the organization is “working together for the benefit of Nepali Student, without any political affiliation”.

Each portal provides a host of very useful information to Nepali students. Full News......

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By: VKPradhan.
Aphnai khutta aphnai bancharo
Yo ke bho malai aaja?
Ma tardai thie prem ko nadee
Paani le nai polyo aaja.

By :- Floreince Kadayat
Yatree hos ya na hos
Sajieka nai chhan bata haru,
Jatee hide ni na katine
Jeevan ka hun yee path haru,
Premi rahun ya na rahun
Rahane chhan amar prem ka pana haru.

By : Aayesha Rana.
Timee na huda kata kata
Aphai adhuree jasto lagchha,
Baaris ko mausam chha tara
Varsha dharti bata Aakash tira uthe jasto lagchha,
Din haru pani yatee laama huna thaale
Timee sanga bhet na bha ko yugau yug jasto lagchha

By : Raghuveer MV Shahi.
Kina authyo tyo pagal Baadal
Mero haath batauna,
Baru garchha tyas aru tamasha
Malai ajha ruauna,
Ke samjhhinthyo ra tyas le harmo pida
Baru tyas le khoji raheko hola bato
Hamro mehanat ra dukkha
Bagaera laijana.

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Daure ra bancharo

The daure went to cut the wood in the same place with his wife. unfortunately, his wife fell into the water and he started to cry.The god came out and daure told the reason of crying then god showed three girls one was of the age of 16,cute girl, second was of around 30, and third was his original wife of around 40 .The daure told that the girl who is of 16 years old is his wife.
The jaldevata was so surprised and asked" why did you lack your honesty? "last time,"you were an honest man."
The daure told " i am still an honest person god" but last time when i told the truth .you gave me 3 axes. And if I,today,tell the truth,You will give me 3 wives.It is very difficult to me to maintain the one wife,if I have 3 ,then,How could I maintain them?
That's why I told false things. Read more jokes


Comupter Ukhan : (by Himal Rai)

Type garna jandaina Keyboard lai dosh
Mauka pare MP3 download garnu
Kam chhaina buhari MSN ma chat gar
Subject ma Nice picture, attachment ma virus
Kuntaka buhari internet café gaki
Virusle satayeko manchhe e-mail auda tarshanchha.
Nahunele internet payo ghantau chat ma basyo
Chat ma basne bani bhako le internet bhanna sath MSN samjhanchha

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Welcome to WNSO Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 5.

May I take this opportunity to initiate by extending my heartfelt and sincere gratitude to those members, non-members, individuals, readers and people of all walks of life who have contributed their utmost support and dedication to WNSO. Your warm wishes, blessings and support are highly appreciated.

Needless to say, WNSO certainly has earned the global popularity. What’s an interesting is that Nepalnet (Probably the first and single organisation in Nepal who make an appraisal of sites) has celebrated WNSO as one of the best site. You will now definitely start to notice some new ideas, actions and creativities in WNSO are gradually attempting to witness day after day.

Don’t forget that WNSO is your organisation; your feedback, comments and views are always highly appreciated and welcomed, so keep dropping the feedback, comments, suggestions and views.

I wish you happy summer!

With warm regards and best compliments, I remain.

Narayan Pokhrel

Chief Editor, WNSO Newsletter




Nepali Diaspora for Peace, Reconciliation and Development in Nepal

To: His Majesty the King, the political parties, civil society, and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
An Appeal by Nepali Diaspora for Peace, Reconciliation and Development in Nepal (April 5, 2004)


We the undersigned, the Nepali Diaspora, present this joint memorandum with a six-point agenda to His Majesty the King, the political parties, civil society, and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), urging them to seek solutions to the current political crisis in Nepal with the utmost urgency. The Nepali Diaspora intends to disseminate this memorandum to various national and international organizations, embassies, and governmental entities, including the U.S., the U.K., India, and China.

Our belief in free and fair elections is unequivocal, but we doubt its effectiveness under the shadow of the ongoing conflict. The post democratic era, past experiences, and the conflict and its resulting deaths of thousands of Nepalese have compelled us to look into our social, economic, and political institutions. Read full information

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Scholarship Information

1. PhD Studentships
The Department of Electronics has a number of PhD studentships available in the following research areas, for entry in October 2004:


  • Radio Resource Management
  • Advanced Coding & Modulation Schemes
  • Signal Processing for Communications

  Read Full information

2. PhD Studentships

The Department is offering a research student bursary to fund a 3-year Ph.D. from September 2004.

For the successful student all tuition fees will be paid plus a living allowance (in the region of £9.000 p.a., tax-free subject to status). Applicants will ideally hold (or expect to hold) a BPS accredited BSc. Psychology degree (first or second class).

The Psychology Department at the University of Hertfordshire has a large number of research active staff, with a wide range of interests and expertise in many fields of psychology. 

Read Full information

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CHANGE : by Tara Limbu

Some say its necessary, some say it's the spice of life, to others yet, it's a bane to their life, a detriment to their very existence.

All this fragmented thoughts crossed my mind on a cool Monday morning, and just like the blue azure sky above me, the answers to my questions will not be easy to reach(if even possible at all).

Nevertheless, I shall put down my thoughts...

We all know that change is necessary, in fact, it is essential, albeit, bitter.
It is something which may help us survive the cruel things that may be hurled our way in life. To a certain extent; it makes us flexible enough that we do not snap against the winds of change.  Read Full Article

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MY SHATTERING DREAM: By Karishma Sitoula

This story began five years ago. I had just passed my seven standard and promoted to class eight. I still remember that day when I had first met him, as if it had just happened yesterday. It was my first day at standard eight. Therefore, I went in search of my section and found out that I was in good section. I was already late so I hurried to my class but all seats were already packed. My friends apologized for not reserving seat for me. Then I saw one seat left at back. I went there still angry with my friends. However, my anger disappeared as soon as my eyes met with the guy sitting there. He looked at me and gave me a sweet smile. Read Full Article

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Summer breeze

From the whispers of the winds,
I've learnt never-ending peace.
From the refreshing mid-afternoon showers,
I've learnt inspiring hope.
From the beautiful waves,
I've learnt true encouragement.
From the magnificent sky,
Read full poem


Such a simple word
Abstract in meaning
Relationships, complex
Giving and taking
Souls mended by love
Misunderstandings and forgiving
Colourful as roses in bloom
Never-ending trust
Read full poem

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Wishes (by Merry Limbu)

Looking at the bare trees in the vast green field,
Autumn leaves scattered everywhere
And watching the white snow fall lightly.
I can't help but wish...
Wish for the beautiful rainbow across the grey morning sky.
I can't stop myself from wishing...
Wishing for a rainbow.

My life seems so meaningless...
Just like the grey sky.
Just like the bare trees in autumn.
Right now, all I am wishing for is a hope to live on...
Just like a magnificent rainbow.
Right now, all I am wishing for is a will to live for...
Just like a colorful rainbow across the cloudy sky.

The future seems so daunting...
All I want to do is to simply fly away...
Just like a flock of birds...away from the bitter winter...
All I want to do is to simply spread my wings and fly away...
To a place of Freedom...

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What is New @ Chautari?

FACE VALUE: By distant_memory

Do people really go for presonality over looks? does physical appearance have an impact on our choice, if so why? why is it that the person who is handsome always the first one to get picked up over someone who is a bit scruffy regardless of what she/he really may be like? does it matter if that person is butt ugly?
Does the status of our partner matter? does love conquer all?

What should our ideal partners be like to us? have we given more importance to the qualities that particular person should possess or the physical appearance? More here

Nepali National Custome: By Sudil Belbase

Our National costumes are really good and attractives. I never managed it before but now I know the value of our National costumes (Daura Suruwal, Saree and other Nepali costumes). I am out of land for last two years and during that period, I used Nepali National costumes many times i.e. College Arohans, college Utsavs, College socials, University and college traditional days, and other many festivals. Now I am deeply wondered and found, my National costumes are most beautiful and meaningful than others.

So, tapaiharule kahilei videsh ko bhoomi maa afno rastriya poshak haru prayog garnu bhayeko chha? Desh bhanda bahira afno rastriya poshak maa afulai katiko garvit thannu hunchha? More here

Living together before marriage!: By distant_memory

Unlike in the western society it is uncommon to find men and women living together before marriage. we live in a society-being nepali that is- whereby arranged marriages are prefered to love marriages, but even when people opt for a love marriages, they don't live together as such. does society portray a couple living together as bad? i quite like the idea of a man/woman, who you potentially see as spending your whole life together with, and yourself spending a few yrs together before you settle down once and for all with the piece of paper that finalises your marriage. it gives you an insight to how the person is, you have to know that person is like to live with...little tiny habits could seriously annoy you. and it also helps strengthen the bond you have, getting to know eachother really well...no nasty surprises... More here

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Jealousy, The silent Killer: By prakriti

Jealousy is born when we compare ourself with others without being aware of it . We become jealous because of our personal incapacity to reach desired goals which others have achieved. it is a negative response to the achievement of others, and proof of our own limitations and personal failure.

A jealous person is resentful and suspicious of others. He becomes hateful towards the unfortunate object of his jealousy. He/ She criticises and condemns the other person giving the least the year cause for such conduct... More here

A scholar..., Do u believe in Fate?  By: MohanTara

There was a scholar who was to marry his fiance, but on the day of marriage, his fiance changed her mind and married someone else. The scholar was devastated and fell ill. His family seeks all kinds of medical treatment for him, but still he showed no sign of recovery. They were about to give up hope on him when a wandering monk passed by. After learning about the scholar's condition, the monk walked to the scholar's bed and took out a mirror for the dying man to see. In the mirror, the scholar saw a vast ocean, and the naked body of a murdered woman lay on the beach... Read more

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