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Date: June 2004: | WNSO Publication: http://newsletter.wnso.org  | Volume 1, Issue 6

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WNSO Network News

Due to the dissolution of existing promotion, moderators & dear associated team, another new team is going to be formed in a bid to take over the responsibility to discharge the functions of the former team. However exiting team will be continuing in discharging duties and responsibilities unless the new team is formed.

It’s very important to fill the gap of the former team. All the persons interested to join moderator and promotion team please send PM to Admin or send email to info@wnso.org .

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By: Manoj Regmi.
ukaali maa jaadaa jaadaai
chautaari mai sustaayo ki
jindagi yo melaa paat gardaa
sutukka katai nidaayo ki

nidaayeko muhaarmaathi
u paani talkee paryo jyoti
masta u duniyaa dekhee ya
u dekhee duniyaa masta ho ki

By :- Ram Kharel
Kohi ta hola Yo Shunya Man Ko
Pukar Sunidiney
Aatmai Dekhi Ubjane har Sapana SujiDiney
NiSwarthata Ra Bishawashi Bani
Maya Gasidiney
Sukh Ma Matra Hoina Duie Kadam Dukhma Pani Hididiney

By : Aayesha Rana.
Bato hidne geet le shanti dine bhaye
Raat Gunjine Ghazal le nindra dine bhaye
Jeevan ka modharule saath dine bhaye
'Chhori ko janma hareko karma' kahani kaha hunthyo !!

By : Suraj Magar.
Yedi batoma hidda dhunga ma khutta thokinchha bhane
Tyo dhunga lai nikalera fyaki dinu
feri tehi dhunga ma khutta thokina sakchha
jeevan ma hida dekhine bato ma matra nahidnu
nadekhine bato lai pani chinna saknu parchha

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I was born intelligent - education ruined me.

Practice makes perfect but nobody's perfect so why practice?

Money is not everything. There's Mastercard & Visa

One should love animals. They are so tasty.

Every man should marry. After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.

Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.

Never put off the work till tomorrow. what you can put off today.

"Your future depends on your dreams" So go to sleep

There should be a better way to start a day than waking up every morning

"Hard work never killed anybody" But why take the risk

"Work fascinates me" I can look at it for hours

The more you learn, the more you know,
The more you know, the more you forget
The more you forget, the less you know
So.. why learn ?

A waiter brings the customer the steak he ordered with his thumb over the meat.
"Are you crazy?" yelled the customer, "don't bring my meal with your hand on my steak."
"What" answers the waiter, "You want it to fall on the floor again?"

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Welcome to WNSO Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 6

Dear Colleague,

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the WNSO members and none members colleague who contributed to the success of WNSO.  As usual, our friends in Admin Team exhibited an extra ordinary vigour and enthusiasm to keep WNSO much more healthy and enrich.

I would like to express gratitude to those members and non-members friends for their exemplary moral financial support to WNSO.  It is my believe that you will enjoy reading V. 1. Issue 6 of WNSO newsletter, which is packed with full of valuable information, solid facts, and of course sparkling news and views.

Since the inception of WNSO, it has been actively engage providing assistant, support, and guidelines. However “improvement is never ending process” is an exemplary instance and we love to hear your view, ideas and suggestions in a bid to achieve higher goals. Therefore it is my earnest request to you to drop few lines as feedback and comments for which I would be delighted and indebted.

In spite of the termination of tenure (which work for six months), I would be ever vigilant to help all the persons concerns if they need any sort of help or assistance and at the same time I would welcome the new team, who would take this responsibilities to discharge our duties properly. However an exiting team will be continuing in discharging duties and responsibilities unless the new team is found. I thank you very much indeed to all the members and non-members for their support during my tenure.

Finally, everyone in the WNSO newsletter team takes this opportunity to wish you Very Happy Summer!

With warm regards and best compliments, I remain.

Narayan Pokhrel

Chief Editor, WNSO Newsletter



Scholarship Information

1. Two PhD Studentships

Department of Theatre Film and Television Studies

The Department of Theatre Film and Television Studies, Aberystwyth, which was rated 5 in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise, is inviting applications for two PhD studentships, available from September 1 2004 and with a duration of three years. Applications are invited in the fields of:

Film and/or Television Studies 
Drama and/or Theatre Studies 
Performance Studies 
Welsh Language Theatre, Film and/or Television

Read Full information

2. Merck Studentship

The University of Sheffield, Sheffield UK is a major national centre for research & teaching in all aspects of Health Services Research, including inter alia medical statistics, epidemiology, systematic reviewing, health technology assessment, modelling and health economics. The School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) runs four courses at Masters level which cover Health Services Research (HSR) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) with varying foci.

  • MSc in Health Services Research & Technology Assessment
  • MSc in Health Economics & Management
  • MSc in Economics & Health Economics

Read Full information

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3. PhD Studentship in Bioelectronic Devices

‘High throughput single particle analysis system on a chip'
School of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton

An InsightFaraday Industrial CASE Studentship is available for research in the area of microsystems for high throughput particle analysis. The project is in collaboration with Kaiku Ltd (www.kaiku.co.uk).

The aim of the project is to develop a new biochip technology for high speed electrical characterisation of particles (including cells and chemically functionalised latex beads) for use in high throughput analysis. The project is interdisciplinary and will involve research in micro-systems, microfluidic devices (BioMEMS) and some high frequency electronic design. The student will also have the opportunity to collaborate with end users for this technology including biologists and chemists. The studentship will offer a project at the cutting edge of lab-on-a-chip research applied to the life sciences.

Read Full information

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Language of Law : by Rajib Dahal

Let's imagine section 9 of any act states that "a person who sleeps on the bus station will have to pay fine, for the violation of the rules."

Lets assume I go to the bus stop to get on the night bus and while waiting for the bus I fell asleep. Lets presume that a beggar goes to the bus stop to sleep taking his small mattress that he uses everyday. Now police arrest both of us, and says to pay fine, my friends, tell me who will be liable to pay the fine? Both of us, or none of us, or me alone if both of us have to pay fine then it will be highly discriminatory, and in fact, that is not proper law, that is unjust law, unfair law.

It is very difficult to draw the boundary between wrong and right in some of the cases and interpretation of the statues by the court determine the exact meaning of the words while interpretation, we should focus on the words, purpose of the acts, and intention of law givers. So language of the law is difficult to understand and interpret. Mastery over the language and interpretation is highly recommended in present context law uses a lot of legal terms, which is difficult to understand to the common laypersons. In the language of the law, a lot of ambitious terms are used like, in the previous American constitution, where slavery was legal, instead of slavery the constitution makers used the terms like "particular institution".

Similarly, in language of the law, very simple words are used which have different meanings. For example, like "sleep" which means, to sleep on the bed, to sleep on the floor, to sleep on the path, road etc. So, sometimes sleeping in particular position and situation may be wrong and sometimes changing the situation does not constitute wrong.


AGAIN, in laws, there are a lot of words which are highly flexible like terms "reasonable are", "serious and will full”, negligent etc. What is reasonable to you may be unreasonable to me. It is highly flexible so court has right to know whether particular situation on the given circumstances was reasonable, it is called judicial discretion in common law system, where laws are not fairly codified, there is high judicial discretion.

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Exquisiteness of a betrayal
(by Rupendra Sharma)

Sanctified by an "angel's" divine betrayal
Love tranquilly pampers my heart
Her Callous lexis blossoms the charms of cavernous,
Brightens my essence, bestows gasp to my cadaver.
An anguish ogle gives me dreams and optimism
Praying bliss for her and the "soul" that replaced me.

Juncture invites divines,
Bestowing flora for her naïve deed.
Heaven blossoms her, with the aroma of sanctuary
Tonight, the stars scrounges her "joie de vivre" to burnish profoundly
Zephyr changes trend, dare not caress her sanity
Melody- sings bird, shall there be no more splendid panorama
Rain drizzles, the holy water, exalts the occasion
Read full poem

Alarm's BEEPING.....BEWARE!!!

by Ashish Dahal, Mountain View,California, USA


With the rays of "SUN" penetrating through my room’s windows,

I happen my eyes Wide-open,

New Hopes, New Dreams, New desires and New Self-manifestations

Abstracts my mind, leading me to "Charms".

Then Started collecting the "Scattered Pieces of Dreams" Just Passed,

New world without Jealousy, Violence and scary activities, Lures me.

"We are all the same-Humankind" quoted everybody,

Smiles and laughter on people’s mess,

I could easily read the lines on their faces.

Neither bombing the "Next" Country’s antiques,

Nor following the "Anger management" patterns,

Nobody organizing the "CAMPINGS" for "Greatest position's" lure,

Nor people being deceived on their eyes.

Neither Trains running with fears in Spain’s Madrid,

Nor the Royal Massacre in the "Land of Peace",

Neither" Twin Towers" that decorated the city being grounded

Nor the "Prisoners" being So-treated making Scandals

Unfortunately, Alarms on the streets disturbed my attention,

Peeped through the same window on the streets

People’s mess could be seen rushing "Here and There"

"What’s going on there?" Shouted me,

A Infant, "tears full on eyes", "Alarms for the destruction of our planet

is beeping" Responded me..

This is the End.

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What is New?

I am disturbed with this pictures

I am completely disturbed by below pictures. How could politician use children in their demonstration???? This is not acceptable. I bet this girl hardly knows what she is doing. She is a kid. How can she judge what is right and what is wrong. She has no idea what is going on in our country except what her parents/guardians say. This is her time to go to school, get education. Nepalese politician has been so corrupted and irresponsible. They have been always using children and students in their demonstrations which is completely wrong. More here

Jealousy: By prakriti

Jealousy is born when we compare ourself with others without being aware of it . We become jealous because of our personal incapacity to reach desired goals which others have achieved. t is a negative response to the achievement of others, and proof of our own limitations and personal failure.

A jealous person is resentful and suspicious of others. He becomes hateful towards the unfortunate object of his jealousy. He/ She criticises and condemns the other person giving the least the year cause for such conduct.

More here

Develop your Knowledge: By chamatkaribaba

I do not know whether this is appropriate to start this bulk of work in this site and especially in this forum. I feel that what I am doing now is not incorrect ,if I am not wrong. We all know our mother tongue is nepali and most of us must have faced problems in English speaking, reading and writing.
That's why,I want to introduce this section as a English Learning Forum.One thing should be clear that this writer(i.e.I) is not any good master over English Language.I am studying B.A;B.L(Hons.) now and I have to study English of 200 Full Marks in 2 Semester.One is related to Law and Language and other module is Law,Language and Literature which I study in my next year course. More here

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