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Date: February 2004: | WNSO Publication: http://newsletter.wnso.org  | Volume 1, Issue 3

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WNSO Network News

WNSO Myanmar established:

We are pleased to announced that Nepali Students studying in Myanmar has established WNSO Myanmar.  

WNSO MYANMAR is basically focused to give information about the Myanmar education system. The mission of this site is to create unity between all the Nepalese students staying and studying in Myanmar and around the world.

Please visit WNSO Myanmar at http://myanmar.wnso.org for more information. 



By: Limbu Rai

Timmro maya kholako sanglo pani jasto.
Timmro maya aakhako pyaro nani jasto .
Timmro maya hijo aaja yasto lagchha.
Harpal mero sas pherne bani jasto.


Aakasako nabarsane kalo badal bhaye.
Aakha bicha nasuhaune kalo gajal bhaye.
Ke garu ma lau na hajoor........................
Dobatoma jhundiyeko ma ta sajhe madal bhaye.


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Welcome to WNSO Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3.

We the Worldwide Nepalese students organisation (WNSO) are delighted to release third issue of WNSO Newsletter. It is a generic phenomenon among all Nepalese residing in the many parts of the world that WNSO has been consistently active in providing all out assistances & helps to the prospective students who are eager to step up their feet for foreign studies.

Here at WNSO we always welcome your opinion, suggestions and feedback. Please feel free to drop your comments and suggestions at WNSO Chautari (forum).

We hope to receive strong support and commitment from all students and writers for their valuable articles. The sole motto of WNSO is to provide an accurate, elaborative & constructive information and assistance to the students who wish to have their further study. In addition to that nurturing the Nepali culture & heritage has been its’ vital initiative. We are delighted that “WNSO Newsletter” strongly reflects that sentiment.

Finally once again we trust you will enjoy 3rd issue of our WNSO Newsletter and promise to stick with our basic schedule. 

With warm regards and best compliments, we remain.

Newsletter Team



In what ways has technology expanded or limited the acquisition of knowledge? By Distant Memory

Technology has empowered the world. The 21st century consists of hi-Tec gadgets and skyscrapers that have overtaken humanity. Even a tiny watch may seem something of minimal value, has control over our thoughts as we now ‘work to the clock’. Technology is everything; everything one sees has been altered ‘mechanically’ to improve life. Five years ago mobile phones would not be seen as an accessory essential for a normal life but now, life would be incomplete without them. Read Full Article


Little Nepal:  By Rabi Thapa

The enigma of arrival

 It’s a beautiful day (in pharen)…

Your turn at the cash machine. You slip out your brand new bank card and pause, baffled. After all, you are trying to persuade a hole in the wall to hand out money. You shove your card in one way, then the other. After an age, it slides in smoothly.
‘Enter your pin code’
You fumble with the keys, and your card comes back out with three loud beeps. Read Full Article


True Tribute to Martyrs: Krishna B. Thapa

All the Nepalese martyrs who offered blood to free Nepalese society from the yoke of oppression and autocratic Rana regime. Due to the great sacrifice of these martyrs, the Nepalese People achieved peace, prosperity, enlightenment, glory and democracy. These martyrs lived for others, worked for others and died for others. Read Full Article

WNSO Radio

SAD 3's join WNSO Radio:

The SAD 3's presents "The Rhythm Show" for Radio WNSO from UK. The main focus of the sad 3's musical show the rhythm will be demanded Nepali music with loads of flavour of funny things. This show is totally musical of informal type coz the sad 3's r on the radio not to make the listeners sad and disappointed even if the name is of negative kind. the sad 3's can be explained as: system by Sulav, analysis by Arbind and design by Dinesh.

The SAD 3 attempted to make the rhythm show an informal type coz what we are aiming is to make u smile. The sad 3's r planning to do a discussion of young problems in future. u can send any problem to the sad 3's who will try to make fruitful solution with advices from some senior people.

Sad 3 is trying to put diverse kinds of Nepalese music like slow rock, heavy metal, hip hop n others different varieties.... even sad is trying to entertain all WNSO members by jokes, poems n many other articles....
Team’s promising start foresees  team will continue to enhance their quality and entertain specially younger generation in future. Sad is thinking to start  'phone in' program in future if they succeed...
Hope all listeners will encourage this young and vibrant SAD 3 team, Please feel free to write your comments and suggestions to SAD at radio@wnso.org

What is New?


The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Nepal announces the 2004 competition for the Fulbright and the East-West Center (EWC) Scholarships. Those selected would begin their US studies beginning August-September 2005.

The Fulbright program provides all expenses (including travel) for a master's degree program of up to two years at selected U.S. universities, in any field except medicine, engineering or computer science. 
Read Full Information Here

What is New?

UK visa, how to prepare effective documents?

Now a days, normally, UK EMBASSY IN NEPAL does not give visa.... giving nonsense reasons....
1- u use public funds
2- u wont return

can any body suggest me on how to prepare so good documents that they will be compelled to give visa . i mean better and of different style document especially financial. 
Read Comments Here

What is New?

Acadamec Vs Professional, which is better?

There are few choices in education. Specially Academic, which we spend almost half our life to achieve certein degree.Another is professional, the fast track line of education, which you can start right after the high school.

The private and public companies are offering job more to professional certificate holders , rather than the academic. The academic style education touch the surface of everything but the professional HITS THE CORE.
More here

What is New?

 A man's job?!

We live in the 21st century...well the majority of us do anyway...and a whole lot of things have changed. Extrovert women were considered extremely rude and considered a person without ettiquette and unladylike. What do people feel about women making the first moves...asking a guy on a date...or is that a man's job to make the first move? Is it the girl considered "in your face" and "utauli" in the society if she did make the first move? What about women proposing to guys...it's leap yr this yr and it's apparently the only time a lady can ask her partner to marry her...should we stick to traditions whereby the guy proposes to the lady..is that a man's job? Read more here

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