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Date: July 2005: | WNSO Publication: http://newsletter.wnso.org  | Volume 1, Issue 10

In This Issue...

WNSO Network News

WNSO China established:

We are pleased to announced that Nepali Students studying in China have established WNSO China.

WNSO China is mainly focused on giving information about China education system. The mission of this site is to create unity between all the Nepalese students staying and studying in China and around the world.

Please visit WNSO China at http://china.wnso.org for more information.

Leadership Training

WNSO UK organised a leadership training in London. The training was provided by Mr. BK Pandey.

WNSO UK teamed up with NRN-UK

WNSO UK decided to work in partership with NRN-UK.

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Maile Sabai Kura Bhuli Sake
Mero Naam Nishan Pani Meti Sake
Degree Certificates Pani Cheti Sake
Ma Sabai Bhuli Sakai
Mera Jiwan Ka Tita Mitha Kura Pani
Mero Janma Jat
ani Sara Sathi-Sangi haru Pani Sayed
Tara Kina ??
Maile Timlai Bhulna Sakina WNSO????
Ram Kharel

Timi pani ta kehi bhana,
Ki mero pani sunne rahar jagi rahos....
Ya timro bichar ho ki
Malai Dhunga banerai marne....
Pallavi Khanal

jindagi yo mero khahareko bhel bhayo
kaagalai paakeko bel bhayo!
paani binako sukeko taal bhayo
bhoutaridai hidne jogiko chaal bhayo!!
Surendra Shrestha

Din dhalyo ta aba raati hudaichha
Shayad kasaile afu nabhayeko ishara gardaichha,
Badnaam bhayeu prem ma ta ke bhayo ra
Yaha kasle izzat kamayeka chhan ......
prem kahani rachera?
Divyani Shah

Jhamakka raati bhayo jab jhis-mise andhyaro pachhi
Un kai samjhanaa aayo harek kuraa harumaa
Chup chhaap rahadaa rahadai pani
Un kai aawaaz aayo meraa har sur harumaa......
Un kai sugandh chhaayo meraa har shwaash harumaa !
Naazneen Seikh

Sapanaharu hun nindrama aru badhi sutnaka lagi
Samjhanaharu hun dhuru dhuru royera basnaka lagi,
Smashantir gairaheko murdalai aawaaz nadeu
Yo sansaarma aayeka hau hami sabai....
ek din janakai lagi!!
Ramila Rai

Saath dintheu timi yadi
jivan yo safal bhayekai hunthyo
Harek mausam haruma mero pani
euta kahani banekai hunthyo,
Timile bato badale dekhi
gare koshis dherai afulai nai tyagna
Timile upahaar diyeko kalamle
malai bachaune prayas garai rahyo.
Raghuveer MV Shahi

timilai heri rahu jasto lagchha har pal...
sayad timi sanga dherai nai maya bhayer holaa???
hijo samma ta maile timilai jaanneko thiyana...
tara aaj timro parkhai ma baseko chhu ma........
Narayan Thapa

yastai chha saathi
j jasto hunuchha tyastai chha
k garnu sathi
maatro haamro ichchha farak chha

Samay le bhuli gaye pani
Bhagya le saath chhodera janna
Aru pani chha dherai zindagi maa
Maayaa matrai bhayera pugdaina zindagi jiuna !
Sujita Lamichhane

Jas lai sansaar ko DrishTi baat bachaaera rakhe
Jas lai ek yug muTu maa basai rakhe
Din din jas lai aafno shaan banai rakhe
Unee le sansaar ko samaya baat bachaera lekhe "jun chiTthi"
Har mausam maa mero naam bachaaera lekhe
Kaile din maa ta kaile raat maa uttar lekhe
Jun raibaar haru unee le chiTthi maarfat lekhe!!
Preeti Shrestha

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Welcome to WNSO Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 10



Dear Readers,

First and foremost, let us take this opportunity to present you with this new episode of WNSO Newsletter.

Summer Holiday has started and many of you must be enjoying your vacation. But with the aura of happiness filling your hearts at this moment, the worries of finding the way of pursuing the new challenge of life in the form of new academic goals has resided in the minds of other many students. With the two extremes of life coinciding at the same moment, we find ourselves very lucky to have this opportunity to address you all via this Newsletter.

We wish all you holiday makers a very pleasant and wonderful holiday. We hope you will sneak some time out of your busy and happy moments to contribute some of your thought provoking views in the WNSO forum. For those who are treading your paths towards the new journey of your life, further studies, leading to the destination of your life, we welcome you to the world of information – WNSO.

As you all know, WNSO is a common platform of Nepalese Students around the globe. Our main objectives are to exchange ideas among Nepalese students, help one another, share information and explore better prospects for Nepalese students worldwide. Your support and active participation has played an important role in helping us achieve our goals and we expect the same in the days to come.

We wish you all the very best in achieving your goal, but remember, success is not the destination, it is just the mere start of a journey.

We wish you all a very happy reading !!!!!!!!

WNSO Newsletter Team.

Study and Scholarship Information

1. MRes in Biomedical Engineering

A number of studentships are available for UK citizens in the Bioengineering Unit for this one year research degree commencing in October 2005.

The degree provides an introduction to research in the field of biomedical engineering with applied research projects of clinical or medical industry relevance.

Candidates from Engineering and the Life or Physical Sciences who have or expect to obtain a first class or upper second class honours degree are invited to apply....[Read more]

2. PhD Studentships in Advanced Manufacturing Technology

School of Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering

Applications are invited from suitably qualified students for two PhD studentships within the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group (AMTG). The Advanced Manufacturing Group has an excellent international reputation for high quality theoretical and experimental research funded by EPSRC, DTI, EU and manufacturing industry. These include:
• Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Manufacturing Technology
• Nottingham Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre
Studentships are available..... More click here

3. PhD Studentship in Materials or Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Applications are invited for a research studentship in the field of Tribology, leading to the award of a PhD degree. The post is supported by a bursary and fees (at the UK/EU student rate) provided by Caterpillar inc.

The work is aimed at improvements to the durability of mechanical powertrains and specifically to the effects of lubricant properties and composition. It consists of experimental investigations into the underlying mechanisms by which lubricants affect the durability of contacting mechanical components. More click here.


Air Pollution :- Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi

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DNA Testing for Hereditary Hemochromatosis :- Krishna Pudasaini

Hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) is regarded as the most common genetic disorder in Caucasians, with an estimated prevalence of 1/200-1/400 (homozygotes) and a carrier frequency (heterozygotes) of 1/8-1/10. It is an excellent example of a common genetic disorder with high morbidity and mortality which is preventable if diagnosed early. A DNA test for hemochromatosis has recently become available and will be a valuable aid for early detection of this disorder.

Hemochromatosis is characterized by increased iron absorption in the intestine, resulting in a gradual build-up of excess iron (iron overload). Most homozygotes develop symptoms in adulthood, although the age of onset has been as young as 2 years. Heterozygotes are usually asymptomatic.

Early symptoms in homozygotes are multi systemic and often non-specific, including malaise, fatigue, impotence, abdominal pain, or joint pain. As iron storage increases, deposits occur in organs such as the liver, heart, and pancreas, leading to organ damage and dysfunction.

Late sequelae include diabetes, arthritis, congestive heart failure, cirrhosis, and hypogonadism. Bronze discoloration of the skin occurs in some patients. There is high morbidity and mortality associated with untreated hemochromatosis. However, if diagnosed early and treated by phlebotomy, progression of iron storage is arrested. [More here]

Move to another place :- Bijay Gautam.

Have you experienced the difficulties that people face when they move to a different country or culture?
I had to struggle a lot when I came to America, due to the cultural divergence between my mother county and America. I had to adjust to certain systems such as
a new school, new type of sports when I never heard of before, and types of holidays I never experienced in my country.
I had never seen so many students at the same time before. When I enter the school building. I saw different types of people in the hallway. I categorized them into different groups such as nerds, freaks, and famous. Nerds were friendly to me, as they always are. Freaks and famous were up to their own usual things such as trying to look cool and try not to do anything that will embarrass them. Of course, there
were few misfits who don't fall to any of the categories. Being new in the school, I was feeling different from others as if I am from Mars. I finally managed to find my class. The class was different from my previous experience. It was big and crowded. Since it was the first day, we were supposed to introduce ourselves. It was my turn and I was feeling awkward because I had different name and accent from others. Everybody was amazed after hearing my name, but no one ridicule me. The first day of my school was a memorable experience

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Let's live in peace & harmony

There is a big ocean that divides us
But that is only the physical boundaries
Emotionally we are always close
Coz both of we breathe the same air
That spreads everywhere,
We feel the same ocean currents and tides
Different is only that
Here when I sleep you wake up there
But we get the warmth from the same sun
We get the love and affection from the same earth.
We have same faith and belief that there is only one god
Though there are different names of religion
Whatever path you choose to go
You get the same eternal God.
Who never discriminate us by caste and creed.
Who never discriminate us by any means.
East or the west, we all are same and best.
Let's develop human faith & treat equally
Let's stop fighting for any reason
Let's live in peace & harmony forever

By :- Dhruva Thapa



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What is New?

Medicine cost in Georgia

Here in georgia, we have few good medical universities ... where lot of foreigners are studying ........ even NEPALESE/Indian/Pakistanis...

The cost varies from 1000 USD to 1500 USD per year .......If you need any more information, I would be glad to assist [More]

How is Visa Confirmed, lets talk about criteria

Dear friends
this topic may help all , who are applying or have applied fopr Visa.
In general for European countries, North amerika, Australia and new zealand. We may share what we know about respective countries.
Let me post and ask views for European countries
there may be our intention to work, we must basically sonfrim them that we are not working onlu studying...any more ideas and queries are welcomed. [ More here]

Tuition fee at german universities, Union vs SPD/G'90

Students who are planning to persue their Study in germany should keep in mind that the german supreme court hast already cancelled the "Ban on tuition fee at universities" . Most of the Länder(states) with CDU/CSU government want to introduce tuition fee as soon as possible, So far I know it seems to start depending on Länder by not earlier than summer semester of 2007(like in Baden- Würtemberg). You have to reckon a fee in amount of 500€ per semester for duration after 2007/summer semester. But in the states with SPD government it will remain free of charge[More here]

Speedup your Bandwidth by 20%

Please Follow the steps:

Remember this is for broad band connections/dial up running Windows XP (Pro).
1) You should have administrative privilege.
2) Start - Run - type "gpedit.msc" without " "
3) expand "local computer policy"
4) expand "computer configuration"
5) expand "administrative templates"
6) expand "network"
7) select "QoS Packet Scheduler"
8) double click "limit reservable bandwidth"
9) on setting tab check the "enabled"
10) change "Bandwidth limit %" to 0

reboot if prompted,

How To Post in Chautari (Forum)

- To reply or start new topic, you have to be registered member.
- you have log on.

If you want to REPLY :-
- Just Click on Add Reply that you see at the bottom of every thread (right hand side)
- Type your message on the Enter your Post box
- Click on Add Reply

If you want to start a NEW TOPIC
- It will be better if you click on forums
- Go to appropriate section
For instance..
If you want to post in College, Universities and Scholarship section
- Click on College, Universities and Scholarship
- Click on New Topic
- Type in topic title box
- Topic description is optional
- Type your message on the Enter your Post box
- Click on Post New Topic
Just follow these steps to reply or start new topic on every other sections.

If you are still not clear then please visit Step by step tutorial

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Solving a dispute

Two little squirrels were walking along in the forest. The first one spied a nut and cried out, "Oh, look! A nut!" The second squirrel jumped on it and said, "It's my nut!"

The first squirrel said, "That's not fair! I saw it first!"

"Well, you may have seen it, but I have it," argued the second.

At that point, a lawyer squirrel came up and said, "You shouldn't quarrel.

Let me resolve this dispute." The two squirrels nodded, and the lawyer squirrel said, "Now, give me the nut." He broke the nut in half, and handed half to each squirrel, saying, "See? It was foolish of you to fight. Now the dispute is resolved."

Then he reached over and said, "And for my fee, I'll take the meat."

I have bad and very bad news

Doctor: I have some bad news and some very bad news.

Patient: Well, might as well give me the bad news first.

Doctor: The lab called with your test results. They said you have 24 hours to live.

Patient: 24 hours! That's terrible! What could be worse? What's the very bad news?

Doctor: I've been trying to reach you since yesterday.

Learn it by listening

Two cowboys come upon an Indian lying on his stomach with his ear to the ground. One of the cowboys stops and says to the other, "You see that Indian?"

"Yeah," says the other cowboy.

"Look," says the first one, "he's listening to the ground. He can hear things for miles in any direction."

Just then the Indian looks up. "Covered wagon," he says, "about two miles away. Have two horses, one brown, one white. Man, woman, child, household effects in wagon."

"Incredible!" says the cowboy to his friend. "This Indian knows how far away they are, how many horses, what color they are, who is in the wagon, and what is in the wagon. Amazing!"

The Indian looks up and says, "Ran over me about a half hour ago."

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